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Need Orgasm?

Need Orgasm?

by Ianlee on October 25, 2009

Best Sexual Positions for A Small Penis: How to Satisfy Any Women in Small Situations – Guaranteed!

Being an engineer myself I believe in facts (rather than speculations) and that success has to be measurable. Yes – female orgasm is the measurable that every men is working hard for. Without a doubt, a powerful male anatomy is the key contributor to female orgasm. However, penis enlargement is not an overnight process. It’s not like you will wake up in the morning with a bigger member. The good news is: you can compensate for having a small penis with following sex positions:

69 Position: Most women love direct clitoral stimulation. In fact, the little spot is the only female body part that exists for sexual pleasure. There are sex positions that allow you to have easy access to her clitoris, such as 69 Position. In this position, she lies flat on her back. You straddle her so that you are facing her genital area. Start slowly, and tease the areas surrounding clitoris to make her aroused. As she is getting excited, gently stroke the clitoris in circular motion. To amplify her pleasure, use your fingers to provide extra stimulation.

Crouching Tiger: The classic Rear Entry position is strongly advised against if you have small manhood. But, with a little orgasmic spin, it can make fabulous sex in small situations. Here’s how: both partners resume in regular Rear Entry position. As you enter her from the back, she keeps legs close to create tight grip. Then, she keeps the chest near to the bed to allow deep penetration.

Missionary with pillows: With addition of a pillow, the regular Missionary position can lead to powerful orgasms that can shake mountains. Lay your partner on her back and put a couple of pillows under her hips. Then, drape one of her top leg to rest against your chest before you enter her. The alignment allows deep penetration, and direct penis stimulation against the G-spot.


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